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This section of our website, has been set up to provide you with a trouble shooting guide to your studio accommodation, and answer a few questions you may have - but please feel free to contact us anyway...

How do I pay for the electricity ?

Located in either a separate wall mounted cupboard or in one of the kitchen cupboards you will discover a coin meter with two slots, one for £1 coins the other for £2 coins.

Please don't use any other coins as they will not register and you will loose the money for good, A digital display always displays how much credit you have left.

What happens if I come into my flat and there is no power ?

Firstly check that you have got credit on the meter, often people go away for a few weeks holiday and forget to leave another credit on to run the fridge. If there is CREDIT on the meter and there is still no power then check the consumer board above the meter position...

... this is a small box that contains circuit breakers, in the Up position they are ON, if they are down the are OFF. Each circuit is labelled as follows:

  • B6 - Lights
  • B16 - Water Heater
  • B32 - Sockets
  • B32 - Cooker (Halogen Hob)
  • B40 - Shower

The large RED toggle switch at the far end of the board is the MAINS protection – in the OFF position (Down) this will turn off the power to the entire flat.

If none of the above works - chances are there may be a temporary power cut or you may have a faulty meter - please call us ASAP.

How do I know my electric meter is charging me correctly?

All meters are fitted with a non tamper proof mechanism inside and permanently count all coins and record total consumption. We regularly empty these meters (beginning of each month), and at the same time record all readings and check against past meter history

How do I control my Central Heating ?

There is a simple Honeywell room stat dial located in your room to control the temperature.

The main heating boiler comes on from 6.00am to about 9.00am and then comes back on in the evening from 4.30pm to 11pm.

The heating system has ben designed along with the large amounts of additional wall and floor insulation to maintain a bedroom temperature of 18 degrees and a living room temperature of 21 degrees.

This of course can be increased on your room stat dial.

Due to the very competitive rental amount charged and the ever increasing charges demanded by the energy companies, will turn off the gas central Heating from early May through to late September of each year. We will be flexible if there is an extreme cold weather period, but we may have to ask tenants for a contribute to additional heating bills if this proves necessary over a long period of time. have made a very significant investment to reduce the impact of their properties on Environment, by having very high levels of insulation installed in the walls, floors and roof spaces and by investing is A++ electrical fittings and the use of LED lighting products.

We would therefore politely ask that Room stats are set at "reasonable" levels when the heating is on - 20 degrees is extremely warm.

My hot water doesn't feel hot enough!

We will be happy to visit you and check the hot water temperature at any time, as this can vary with extended periods of cold weather (as the underground water temperature from the mains can drop by 6 - 8 degrees). Also the flow rate of the water can vary depending on the mains pressure being delivered by Thames Water - this can have the adverse effect of running too quickly through the water heater, not allowing the heater to do iuts job properly.

We install the 10.8KW Powerstream in our Studios

DOWNLOAD A PDF HERE of the water heater manual and see the table below of the expected water temperatures from the manufacturer.

I don't seem to have any hot water ?


... check that the tap or shower is clearly in the right position to get hot water - kitchen tap pull the lever closer to you, on the thermostatic shower valve, rotate the right hand side knob pressing down the red button to get the maximum temperature -the flow of water is controlled by the left hand side valve.


... check your circuit breaker at the main fuse board - this may have tripped out - this one is marked up as the water heater.


... check that the isolation switch (the Red switch near the cooker) is in the On position.


...and only if you feel brave (we don't mind being called out for this), under the kitchen sink you will see the grey plastic cover of the water heater unit. Remove the two screws from the cover, locate the reset button (see picture below) - press down this switch, you will probably hear a click, and the water heater will reset and start working.


The water doesn't run away easily in my shower?

The chrome shower traps are designed to collect hair and debris from blocking up the pipes. So if the water is draining away slowly, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the chrome 90mm dome cap

  2. Remove the inner plastic white cylinder from inside the throat of the waste - this will probably be covered in hair or debris

  3. Clean this out thoroughly, then run the shower for a minute before putting the inner cylinder back

  4. Finally put the Chrome cover back in place and check that the water is now running away easily. In some cases a Mr Muscles or similar drain unblocking chemical may have to be used to clear more stubborn blockages

Keeping kitchen worktops and shower enclosures clean?

As Swindon is known as hard water area, lime scale can quickly build up and chrome taps and especially the glass on your quadrant shower enclosure. We recommend using a spray that you apply just after finishing your shower, this dramatically reduces additional cleaning and build up of lime scale on the glass.

We would also like you to keep the worktops of the kitchen area dry and free from water. The worktops are made of solid chipboard with a laminate top, if excessive water is allowed to pool on the surface, it will eventually get through and damage the chipboard underneath, resulting in having to replace the worktop all together.

Emergency water leaks

If you detect a water leak in your flat please look under your kitchen sink and locate a stop cock - please turn this OFF, this should stop water within a few minutes.

Then please call Steve at 07930 732 473, and we will investigate this leak immediately.

Waste Recycling and bin days

Swindon Borough Council have an excellent reputation in recycling which we are very happy to support. These strict rules on separating waste into specific bags, wheelie bins and orange boxes needs to be adhered to.
A full schedule of bin days is available on the Swindon Borough Council website visit:
As a general rule, Orange boxes are emptied every week and contain waste to be recycled , large grey wheelie bins contain landfill waste and clear or white sacks containing all plastics are emptied every fortnight.

In all properties we have Orange recycling boxes. These boxes are emptied every Wednesday without fail, and should only contain the following items:

  • Mixed paper and card
  • Cardboard and cartons
  • Mixed glass (bottles, jam jars)
  • Food and drink cans
  • Any foil and foil packaging
  • Mixed clothes and old rags

Large Grey Wheelie bins should only contain food stuffs
and anything else which is NOT on the recycling schedule.

Clear or white plastic sacks - should only contain household plastic packaging (plastic bottles, plastic cling films and plastic food trays) - these are collected fortnightly at the same time as the large Grey Wheelie bins - Wednesdays.

Waste Recycling and bin days

Please make sure that someone in the house puts the large grey bin and clear / white sacks out on the Tuesday night with the lid clearly closed - if the bin lid is even slightly open it will NOT BE COLLECTED - and we will have to wait another 2 weeks for collection.

Waste Timetable:

  • Please put boxes, wheelie bins and bags out the night before
  • Every Wednesday: Orange Boxes out
  • Every other Wednesday: Grey Wheelie Bin and White/Clear bags containing plastics

If you live at either 35 Rolleston Street or 29 Milton Road - there are no Wheelie bins just BLUE REFUSE bags (marked up as SBC) that are collected every Wednesday with the orange boxes.

The Council will only collect BLUE BAGS not black plastic - they need to be able to see through into the bag to check that we are recycling correctly. Blue Bags are available from any time - let us know if you need any more.

The following downloadable PDF. Gives more details of the recycling details



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