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Save Money and the Environment

Energy Efficient Flats and Studios to Rent in Swindon

Modern Technology

The Best Insulation

Powered on Clean Energy

Passing on our green savings

Give both us and our Tenants the Benefits

During the renovation of our studios we went to great lengths to ensure that most modern and efficient technologies were used. Ensuring minimum heat loss and energy efficiency

Insulation is King

We added 100mm of a Kingspan K17 internal, insulated plasterboard to all of our external walls and added over 800mm of glass fibre insulation to our loft spaces. This gave us considerably better insulation than present day new house standards, keeping your studio cool during the summer and warm and snug in the winter months.

Dramatically reducing our carbon footprint and setting a new standard in studio living. Rest assured you can be living in a very energy efficient, environmentally friendly studio.

Currently we have invested in a 10KW photovoltaic solar panel system generating clean, green energy which again allows us to pass on savings to the tenant.

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