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How do I control my Central Heating ?

by Swindon Studios Team on March 3, 2020
How do I control my Central Heating ?

There is a simple Honeywell room stat dial located in your room to control the temperature.

The main heating boiler comes on from 6.00am to about 9.00am and then comes back on in the evening from 4.30pm to 11pm.

The heating system has ben designed along with the large amounts of additional wall and floor insulation to maintain a bedroom temperature of 18 degrees and a living room temperature of 21 degrees.

This of course can be increased on your room stat dial.

Due to the very competitive rental amount charged and the ever increasing charges demanded by the energy companies, will turn off the gas central Heating from early May through to late September of each year. We will be flexible if there is an extreme cold weather period, but we may have to ask tenants for a contribute to additional heating bills if this proves necessary over a long period of time. have made a very significant investment to reduce the impact of their properties on Environment, by having very high levels of insulation installed in the walls, floors and roof spaces and by investing is A++ electrical fittings and the use of LED lighting products.

We would therefore politely ask that Room stats are set at “reasonable” levels when the heating is on – 20 degrees is extremely warm.


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