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I don’t seem to have any hot water?

by Swindon Studios Team on March 3, 2020
I don’t seem to have any hot water?


… check that the tap or shower is clearly in the right position to get hot water – kitchen tap pull the lever closer to you, on the thermostatic shower valve, rotate the right hand side knob pressing down the red button to get the maximum temperature -the flow of water is controlled by the left hand side valve.


… check your circuit breaker at the main fuse board – this may have tripped out – this one is marked up as the water heater.


… check that the isolation switch (the Red switch near the cooker) is in the On position.


…and only if you feel brave (we don’t mind being called out for this), under the kitchen sink you will see the grey plastic cover of the water heater unit. Remove the two screws from the cover, locate the reset button (see picture below) – press down this switch, you will probably hear a click, and the water heater will reset and start working.

Due to the very competitive rental amount charged and the ever increasing charges demanded by the energy companies, will turn off the gas central Heating from early May through to late September of each year. We will be flexible if there is an extreme cold weather period, but we may have to ask tenants for a contribute to additional heating bills if this proves necessary over a long period of time. have made a very significant investment to reduce the impact of their properties on Environment, by having very high levels of insulation installed in the walls, floors and roof spaces and by investing is A++ electrical fittings and the use of LED lighting products.

We would therefore politely ask that Room stats are set at “reasonable” levels when the heating is on – 20 degrees is extremely warm.


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