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Waste Recycling and bin days

by Swindon Studios Team on March 3, 2020
Waste Recycling and bin days

Swindon Borough Council have an excellent reputation in recycling which we are very happy to support. These strict rules on separating waste into specific bags, wheelie bins and orange boxes needs to be adhered to.
A full schedule of bin days is available on the Swindon Borough Council website visit:

As a general rule, Orange boxes are emptied every week and contain waste to be recycled , large grey wheelie bins contain landfill waste and clear or white sacks containing all plastics are emptied every fortnight.

In all properties we have Orange recycling boxes. These boxes are emptied every Wednesday without fail, and should only contain the following items:

  • Mixed paper and card
  • Cardboard and cartons
  • Mixed glass (bottles, jam jars)
  • Food and drink cans
  • Any foil and foil packaging
  • Mixed clothes and old rags

Large Grey Wheelie bins should only contain food stuffs
and anything else which is NOT on the recycling schedule.

Clear or white plastic sacks – should only contain household plastic packaging (plastic bottles, plastic cling films and plastic food trays) – these are collected fortnightly at the same time as the large Grey Wheelie bins – Wednesdays.

Please make sure that someone in the house puts the large grey bin and clear / white sacks out on the Tuesday night with the lid clearly closed – if the bin lid is even slightly open it will NOT BE COLLECTED – and we will have to wait another 2 weeks for collection.

Waste Timetable:

  • Please put boxes, wheelie bins and bags out the night before
  • Every Wednesday: Orange Boxes out
  • Every other Wednesday: Grey Wheelie Bin and White/Clear bags containing plastics

If you live at either 35 Rolleston Street or 29 Milton Road – there are no Wheelie bins just BLUE REFUSE bags (marked up as SBC) that are collected every Wednesday with the orange boxes.

The Council will only collect BLUE BAGS not black plastic – they need to be able to see through into the bag to check that we are recycling correctly. Blue Bags are available from any time – let us know if you need any more.

The following downloadable PDF. Gives more details of the recycling details


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